Tracing every step of wool processing, the Biella The Wool Company transforms raw wool from small farms of typical European sheep breeds into finished products for sale by the original farmers.

An ever increasing number of discerning consumers are aware of the ethics of buying a product. Increasingly in today’s world, the ideal products are the ecologically sustainable ones, made from natural raw materials, with the lowest environmental impact in the production phase and the maximum respect for human rights and the environment. Only the breeder, unlike the commercial wool industry, can offer full traceability from the sheep to the final consumer.

Furthermore, by using a raw material that is not valued in the commercial world and avoiding the mass-produced industries connected to fashion, the breeder has the possibility of adding value to his product. Marketing through local distribution channels linked to the producer’s own region whole concept has a uniqueness that has been lost with globalization.

We offer the sheep breeder of indigenous or non-native sheep, the opportunity to transform their own small batches of wool from greasy to washed, to yarn and up to the finished product like balls, knits, scarves, fabrics. The various processes will be performed, documented and traced in Biella, with the intention of providing full provanance. All this, in a world-famous textile district known for its excellence in the production of woolen products.

We will offer advice to the breeder as to the best application for their specific wool, with the objective of creating unique and personalised products; ones with character and colors dedicated to their area in order to enhance the local culture and tradition of that producer and the wool.

You will receive the finished items already individually packaged and ready for retail sale. They will be labeled with their own name and with the Biella The Wool Company brand, ensuring full traceability within the Biella textile system.


Professionisti riunitisi attorno alla passione per la lana, attraverso cui sono riusciti a coinvolgere un numero di collaboratori, professionisti e terzisti altamente specializzati con un approccio alla materia prima che va ben oltre la semplice visione utilitaristica.

Nigel Thompson

English by birth, with more than 30 years of experience most of which was carried out in Biella, treating wools from around the world.

Carmine De Luca

Carmine has been part of the world of wool since 1964. He began his career in Bradford, England working in the production of washed and combed wool for the textile industry. His career then continued in Biella with representation and consultancy to European, Australian and South American companies.


The BTWC trademark is a guarantee of a product entirely manufactured in Italy on behalf of national, European and international breeders with emphasis on full traceability and respect for the environment and human rights.