The factory was founded in 1865 to house the Cotonificio Poma and then the former Lanificio Botto. Today, decades after the last machines stopped running, this building in the heart of the Cervo Valley has come back to life.

Since 1865 Cotonificio Poma has been instrumental in the development of the Biella textile industry. Giusppe Poma, its founder, was also the creator of Miagliano’s textile workers’ village, the first to be built in the Biella area on the north European model.

In more recent times, Lanificio Botto, who took over the cotton mill, has produced very high quality fabric for Italian and international fashion houses, and has been at the forefront in the production of technological fabrics for the automotive sector. Its history has very strong links with the whole Valle Cervo and Biella areas, especially with the people of Miagliano, who, until 1992 when the mill closed, were so closely involved with the life of the factory.

The factory waited for 20 years for the start of a new life. Today, thanks to professionals from the world of entertainment, museums and tourism, architects, photographers, documentarians and archivists coming together, all with fresh and innovative ideas and with a great enthusiasm to develop new job and growth opportunities, the Miagliano center is experiencing a further phase of expansion. None of this would have been possible without their passion for wool.

In addition to the activities of our Consortium for the protection and enhancement of European native and indigenous wools, there are many artistic, cultural, educational and tourist initiatives operating within the Wool Experience project; many of which have wool at the centre of their focus.


In 2014, the Amici della Lana Association (Friends of Wool) was founded. This transformed the factory, not into a typical museum, but into an educational centre for wool. Their innovative approach has resulted in a visitors’ experience which is both interactive and enjoyable.

For more information on the Association’s activities, visit the Amici della Lana website