‘Wools of Europe’ is an xhibition that promotes the biodiversity of sheep breeds. It showcases thediversity of products from the fleece of each breed. It promotes European native wools, the local artisanal wool sector, and highlights the importance of European wool as a natural, ecological and sustainable fibre.

The conservation of biodiversity is an ethical imperative, a heritage to defend and pass on to future generations. The wool, and its legacy which we are commited to protecting comes from right across Europe.

To enhance this precious resource, Marie Thérèse Chaupin of Atelier Laines d’Europe, led as a ‘showcase’ of the beauty of biodiversity: eighty-seven fleeces of different sheep breeds, from twenty-seven different European nations, some endangered, others more widespread, all irreplaceable in the respective environmental cycles.

From Iceland to Greece, from Portugal to Estonia through the Balkans, France, Slovakia, Holland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Romania, we have collected hundreds of unique masterpieces made with wool, each of which bears the signature of the author, craftsman, university, cooperative or artist who created it.

The names and contact details of each producer of these supply chains are meticulously recorded.

Whenever we have the oppportunity, we add to the Wools of Europe Exhibition at our Miagliano headquarters, sourcing the best of wool from all over the world.

Felt shoes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, padded cushions from Switzerland, rugs from the Czech Republic, scarves and gloves from Germany, headdresses from the United Kingdom, mats featuring rock inscriptions and ancient games from Italy, colorful sweaters from Iceland and then skirts, dresses, tapestries from every corner of the ancient world.

The original greasy wool is shown alongside every finished product, to clearly demonstrate what can be achieved with this extraordinary raw material. This not only pays tribute to wool, but above all, highlights the importance of European wool as a natural, ecological and sustainable fibre.


Wools of Europe is a traveling exhibition created to bring the passion and culture of wool into the world.

If you are interested in hosting an installation of Wools of Europe in your city, contact us now!